Long ago, when fans started shouting in unison, the “oooooo” sound (like moon), it always seemed important for broadcasters to make sure their audiences understood this not to be “BOOOOOO!” It had to be known that the local fans were not booing their own player. That never happens, right?!

So, it seemed like all fans everywhere caught on to it. They found someone on their teams for whom they could “ooooooo!”

The Cowboys, I remember, first started using it with Daryl “Moose” Johnston. “Moose” was reliable on 3rd and short as either a runner or receiver. First downs were automatic.

When living in Houston and following the Astros in the late ’80s, my favorite ball player was this guy, Jose Cruz. He was not only fast, but he was a smoooooth runner in the outfield, always looking as if he was still accelerating when he would catch flyballs while cruuuzing, almost gliding.

As far as I know, this was Hooooouston’s first “oooooo!”

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